VIDEO!! Greedy Nigeria Police Delay Commuters Just To Collect 100 naira Bribe

A greedy police officer who reportedly insisted on collecting bribe has been exposed by a commuter. 

The bribe seeking police officer looking for change A bribe-seeking Police officer has been exposed after he was reportedly filmed insisting on looking for ‘change’ for a driver on a highway. 

The video was captured by one of the passengers who was lamenting on how the police officer had wasted their time, while making attempt to get ‘change’ for the driver. 

The lady revealed that the driver had told him he only had N1000 with him, though the officer sought a N200 bribe. The driver hoping he would not be able to produce the change anyways. 

 But the officer who didn’t have the chage at that moment insisted on getting it and so delayed the driver and his passengers. 

The entire action was captured on camera by the agitating passenger. The location of the incident is although not ascertained, but it appeared to be a location in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

 See the Video


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