Top 9 most guarded place on earth in 2018, See a place in Nigeria on The list

7 Buckingham Palace

At one hand it is a popular tourist trap in London, but at the other; It is the most secure location of the entire kingdom and perhaps the world. A few roads surrounding the palace are closed off each time the visiting hours and the police take over the no go area to make sure everything goes smoothly. Since a guy named Michael Fagan scaled the building to have a good look around, the precautions are more tighter than ever.

If you have been there, you might have seen the famous changing of guards. The guards carry a ring around system to make sure no guard droops his eyelids to sleep during his shift in the calmness of night. The system works like guard A ringing guard B, guard B ringing guard C who then rings guard D and the ringing goes on the whole night covering the entire property.

8 The Kardashians

After all the well known hatred for Kardashians and the incident of Paris. It is needless to say that Kim Kardashian has boosted up her security wherever she goes. After firing her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, she also increased the security around her own house without taking any further risks. The security team manning the area were background checked very intensely and only the best of them were hired. No one is allowed to enter the property without a pre approved pat down by the security.

Instead of taking one car, she has dozens of cars standing outside at her disposal which follow and mix up throughout the journey to make sure nobody follows her footsteps. Multiple motion detectors and hidden cameras also surround the property. Rumour has that there is also a safe room with state of the art technology for any bad eventuality making the house as safe as Fort Knox.

9 Maximum Security Mansion

The name of this mansion is not quite pretentious as it seems, it is literal. The Maximum Security Mansion in evergreen Colorado is definitely very heavily protected. As the property spreads over 32 acres, it has a six million dollar security system which almost put all the other houses at shame. The best feature of this house is that anyone with an Apple Iphone can check into it and have a look around by the cameras installed all through the house, the only thing needed is the login details and the security team consent.

The property has an impressive thermal imaging by which any prints being left behind can be checked and recognized within twenty minutes so beware if you break and enter this house, you might not get far. With the super censors all over the house, the house speaks for itself and lets everyone know about anything from the bathroom floods to the kitchen fire, accidental or intentional.


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