Top 9 most guarded place on earth in 2018, See a place in Nigeria on The list


There hasn’t been a zombie apocalypse yet but it looks like some people are pretty well prepared! Just in case zombies do decide to take over the world, there is a zombie proof house known as the zombie bunker. Located in London, the entire house is built with solid concrete and moveable walls further backed up with thick iron sheets. Even the windows are backed up with tough concrete sheets.

There is a drawbridge system for the entry and exit and it is the only way in or out. If you have to get out, you might have to rehearse it first which makes it clear that the architects did not risk our safety from any point of view. The building is not an aesthetic one, but who sees beauty when zombies are coming for you. You know where to head in case!


Bill Gates might seem like a humble friendly person but that doesn’t mean you sneak into his house whenever you wish. It is also known as one of the most expensive properties in the world and since it is owned by a software expert, why not it be a high tech mansion just as we predicted! To control his electricity bills from going off records by implanting mines and electrical fences, he has his house surrounded by grove of trees and plantations which also gives them privacy from the lurking photographers and paparazzi.

Along with this state of the art security, he has cameras and heat detectors which alert the residents of any intruder from a mile away. If they have visitors, they have to wear a special pin which helps them to control the heating and electrical equipment around the house. No doubt he lives in one of the safest homes ever.


Do you know that Barack Obama was the most heavily guarded president in the world and so The White House does also have every safety feature you could or could not think of. For the starters, the iron fence which surrounds The White House seemingly looks ordinary but it is capable to hold an inside or outside impact by any car you can think of.

The property has the special agents on the grounds at all times which make sure only friendly visitors make it through the gates. The food scanning process is quite impressive and is done off-site in order to detonate everything off the premises. The White House also controls the restricted air space by which helicopters cannot come too close and even if they do, the house has bulletproof windows, radars and infrared sensors that can detect any local or unwanted movement miles outside the premises.


The Corby family residence located in the Hollywood hills of California are known for their expensive and excessive use of security. The millionaire residents of the property are very much protected by the biometric recognition software and earthquake prevention techniques. Earthquake proof houses are common throughout the US. The Corbies have their house built of concrete buried up to thirty feet below grounds in case if nature strikes. The house can also bear man made disasters such as Nuclear and Chemical attacks.

There is an underground bunker with enough supply of food and drinks to keep the family alive for six months. In a case of intruder, they do not need a phone but can call the cops from wherever in the house with a few touch of buttons. The well stocked panic room they have has CCTV cameras which can make them see the whole house and control the impressive release of fog to scare off burglars.

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