Top 9 most guarded place on earth in 2018, See a place in Nigeria on The list

Have you ever wondered how the most guarded homes on earth would look like? well here are the 10 most guarded home on earth.



The residence is located in Ryongsong District in northern Pyongyang,[4] around 12 km (7.5 mi) northeast of Kim Il-sung Square. The size of the whole leadership complex is around 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi).[5] According to Kim Jong-il’s former bodyguard Lee Young-kuk, there are at least eight North Korean leaders’ residences outside Pyongyang.[6]


The compound was constructed by a Korean People’s Army construction brigade and completed in 1983 under the rule of Kim Il-sung. It was later used by Kim Jong-il, his sister Kim Kyong-hui and his brother-in-law Jang Sung-taek.[7] Since he succeeded his father as leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has used Ryongsong Residence as his main residence.[3] The complex has an underground wartime headquarters, protected with walls with iron rods and concrete covered with lead in case of a nuclear war.[8] There are numerous military units to protect the headquarters stationed around the complex in possession of mass scale conventional weapons.[7] The area is surrounded by an electric fence, mine fields and many security checkpoints.[9] The headquarters is connected with Changgyong Residence (Residence No. 26) and other residences with underground tunnels.[8] A private underground train station is also inside the residence compound.[10] Besides large houses[11] and well-tended gardens[12] there are man-made lakes and various recreational facilities. Witnesses have reported luxurious interiors with ornate furnishings, deep plush carpets and fancy chandeliers.[2]


Banquet halls at the lakefront[7] Swimming pool 15 m (49 ft) wide and 50 m (160 ft) long[13] with a giant waterslide[14] Running track and athletic field[2] Spa and sauna
Horse stables and riding area
Shooting range
Horse racing track


The Hamptons are where the richest of the richest hangout during the summer vacation and with all their cash on them. They must have some precautionary measures for the security as well. The Fair Field Estate is one of the most secure home in the area which is owned by the billionaire IRA Renard. The estate itself is worth two hundred million dollars making it one of the most expensive estates in the United States. Renard has spent most of his massive fortune by collecting art and most of his endeared works hang around his estate.

Around Five Hundred Million dollars worth best of the best paintings deserve the best of the best security too; The estate is fronted with a high tech security gate and by high tech it means that only those who are invited are able to set foot on the grounds let alone the buildings. It has bulletproof windows and enough security cameras to make the intruders think twice before entering. Renard is very precautious about the security of his 21 bedroom estate which costs him a pretty lot.

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