heels during pregnancy

Is It Risky To Wear Heels During Pregnancy? – Well Find Out

3. Less Balance:

heels during pregnancy

The strength in your ankles is likely to reduce due to excess weight and hormonal changes in the body.

This is a common reason that will lead to lower balancing capacity.
When you are wearing heels, there will be higher probability of losing balance and tripping over, causing injury to you and your unborn child.

4. Stretched Muscles:

heels during pregnancy

Just like your back and abdomen, the ligaments in the ankles and calf also loosen due to pregnancy induced hormones.
This leads to stretching of muscles in the feet.
The shoes that you could comfortably wear pre-pregnancy will now become tight and painful.

5. Swelling In Feet:

heels during pregnancy

A medical condition known as edema or swelling in legs, ankles and feet is quite common during pregnancy.

Wearing tight shoes and high heels or platform heels will further aggravate the problem.
Wearing high heels especially in the late pregnancy can cause swollen feet.
More fluid will be accumulated in the lower part of your body and along with swelled feet you might also experience pain.

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