Check Out 15 Butt Types And What It Says About You


what your butt says about you

 If you have a cute, heart-shaped butt, you have a big heart. You love to love, and everyone adores you for this.

The Inverted V:

what your butt says about you

 If your hips are wide, but your booty is small, you’re a master of illusion. From the front, everyone thinks that your packing a big behind, but you’re totally not (jokes on them). In general, you’re a very sneaky and conniving individual.

Kinda Square:

what your butt says about you

If your back end has a square-ish shape to it, you are a stickler for everything. You are a master of organization, and have zero tolerance for breaking the rules.


what your butt says about you

If you have a big booty, accompanied by some cellulite, you’re probably a huge B (but, like, in the best way possible). You don’t let anyone mess with you (or your big ‘ol booty).


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