Check Out 15 Butt Types And What It Says About You

It’s the age of the booty!  Everyone’s got a behind, and behinds come in all shapes and sizes.  A person’s butt can reveal a lot about them, including some of their most prevalent personality traits.  Here’s what your butt shape says about your personality.

What does your butt shape say about you?  Comment and let us know!

Very Muscular:

what your butt says about you

 Perhaps you weren’t born with a large behind, but you worked your butt off for it (no pun intended). You’re a dedicated and determined individual, and you value your appearance.

Somewhat Muscular:

what your butt says about you

 Perhaps the thought of having a big, ripped booty is appealing to you, but you have yet to make the full commitment in order to obtain it. You value your appearance, but also lack personal discipline.

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