male infertility

All you Need To Know About Male Infertility ( Causes, Treatment, Prevention )

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can chlamydia cause infertility in males?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that spreads to testicles and epididymis (tubes that hold testicles and carries sperm), causing swelling and soreness. If this inflammation is not treated on time, it could cause infertility.

2. How does mumps cause infertility in men?

If you had contracted mumps as a teenager or adult, you are likely to have fertility issues later in life. Mumps could affect reproductive glands causing them to swell and shrink. It also reduces the sperm count (15).

3. Is male infertility a genetic problem?

Male infertility is not always a genetic problem. However, some changes in the chromosomes or gene mutations could affect sperm production leading to infertility. The genetic causes include Y chromosome deletions, sex chromosome anomalies and partial deletions.

Infertility could lead to emotional issues in men just like in women. They find it difficult to open up due to the fear of being judged and ridiculed. Men with infertility issues have a lower sexual and personal quality of life compared with those without the infertility factor.

Therefore, avoid such mental baggage by doing yoga and meditation, reaching out to your family and friends, and seeking help from support groups. Remember, you always have an option to adopt an underprivileged child and give them a better life.

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