male infertility

All you Need To Know About Male Infertility ( Causes, Treatment, Prevention )

Signs Of Male Infertility

Some possible signs and symptoms could be.

1 Difficulty in erection or ejaculation, ejaculating low fluids and low sexual desire

2 Pain, lump or swelling in the testicle region

3 Abnormal breast growth

4 Decreased body or facial hair

5 Reduced muscle mass

6 Recurrent respiratory infections

7 Lower sperm count

If you are unable to conceive and/or facing any of the above issues, then see a healthcare provider for diagnosis of the problem.

How Is Male Infertility Diagnosed?

Both the partners may have to get the diagnosis done. The initial diagnosis includes an analysis of the medical history, physical examination, and common lab tests, and probably a few semen tests (7) (8).

Medical history analysis includes:

1 A complete review of past conditions, medications, and surgeries

2 Knowing about the family history of infertility or birth defects

3 A review of social history and exposure to occupational hazards to understand if they had an impact on fertility

4 A review of sexual habits and practices

5 Physical examination evaluates the genitals including the penis, testes, scrotum, and prostate.

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