9 Facts You Need To Know Before Marriage Mama never Told You

8. When the going gets tough, don’t call it quits right away.

Many young married couples get divorced very soon — less than five years into their marriages,

“There’s a mentality in our world today that if something’s not working for you, get rid of it,” she noted. “But conflicts in marriages and relationships are opportunities to grow.”

Unless you’re experiencing abuse or other intolerable behavior, give yourself the chance to try to work things out, she advised.

9. Express love

Research by psychologist John Gottman found a “magic” 5-to-1 ratio among healthy couples: For every one negative interaction during a conflict, people in a stable and happy marriage had five or more positive interactions.

“The positivity is crucial. It’s really important to feel like you’re in a good place, and that is definitely shown through the little acts of love,” . “Not the big things, like planning lavish trips or spending a million bucks on your partner, but just waking up in the morning and giving them a kiss.”


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