9 Facts You Need To Know Before Marriage Mama never Told You

3. You won’t always feel “in love.”

“You could be with the most perfect partner in the world for you and you’re going to go through seasons where you feel like you’re not aligned and you’re not in love,” “That’s where it’s really important to be grounded in the values that you identify as a couple, versus trying to follow the feelings that you think you’re supposed to be having.”


4. Your partner’s family relationships are key.

How did you partner get along with his family? Were they close or distant? Was there conflict? That information is very significant.

“Many of the themes in our family of origin repeat or resurface in marriage,” she said. “When couples are able to talk about that stuff without judgment, are able to listen and tune into their partner’s experience, it’s so huge. It creates a deep level of trust.”

5. Know your partner’s finances.

I believes you should both disclose your entire financial situations. From there, start to decide: What’s the best way to manage the finances? Many young couples today have one joint account, plus their own separate accounts.

“That’s fine, if that’s what works. But you want to talk about it to make sure that’s not because you are feeling controlled or you’re bringing in insecurities,“Finances are where the mistrust and issues can surface. It’s one of the top reasons people divorce.”

Money can be such a touchy topic that for some couples, talking about it can be more uncomfortable than discussing sex, she noted.

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