9 Facts You Need To Know Before Marriage Mama never Told You

There are definitely elements of many healthy couples that can make them have a strong solid foundation, But every single couple — no matter how healthy, happy and into each other they are — are going to experience conflict at one point or another.

Here are nine things couples to know before getting married:

1. Your spouse is not going to complete you.

That famous line from “Jerry Maguire” sounds romantic, but don’t expect your partner to complete your life.

“It’s really important for you to focus on you — not in a selfish way, not in a way that disregards your partner, but in a way where you understand taking care of yourself is going to help you bring your best self to your relationship,”

Couples need to be able to have a balance of separateness and togetherness, she added.

2. Be aware of the expectations you’re bringing into the marriage.

You probably want a lot from just one person: A companion, a passionate lover, good parent and more, Here are some sample statements — would you and your future spouse agree?

  • My partner will meet all of my needs for companionship.
  • I don’t believe romance should fade over time.
  • I don’t believe that my partner’s interest in sex should be different than mine.
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