7 Reasons Why Ladies Go Into Lesbianism, Don’t Miss #6

Why do modern women choose the path of lesbianism? It may sound like a philosophical question, but we’ll try to dig a little bit deeper to shed light on this issue.

For many years, homosexuality has been considered a serious psychological disorder that violated all religious and moral principles, according to which women could maintain sexual relationships with men only. But for the better of worse, time works great changes.


Scientists and researchers surveyed a great number of homosexual women and came to a conclusion that lesbianism can be caused by various physiological and psychological factors.

They still think that homosexuality is a psychological disorder, triggered by misunderstanding, dysfunctional family atmosphere, violence, inferiority and social vulnerability.

Women with high levels of testosterone in their blood are more likely to become lesbians too. Read on to find out a lot of interesting things about women and understand why they become lesbians.

1. Dysfunctional family atmosphere

Negative family environment is often the main reason for many psychological disorders, because during the pre-adolescent and adolescent periods, family issues and a lack of contact between parents and children exert a big negative influence on the child’s personality development.

Psychologists state that the latent tendency towards lesbianism is embedded in the subconscious mind of every girl. The life path and sexual orientation the girl will sooner or later choose, depends mostly on the process of upbringing and the role of parents in her life. During the transformation from a girl to a woman, every girl faces a great number of questions and inner contradictions that create her identity. If she doesn’t find correct answers to these important questions and parents can’t get their daughter in the right frame of mind, the girl starts living according to her own beliefs, rules and values.

It’s wonderful when the emotional connection between a mother and a daughter is profound and strong enough. Lack of maternal warmth and support make daughters open their hearts to female friends. There’s a high probability that close association and trust-based relationship between the daughters of unloving mothers can turn into lesbianism one day.

2. Emotional insecurities

The daughter of unloving parents is often a person whose heart is covered with emotional scars that make her adulthood painful, difficult and problematic due to the strong influence of emotional insecurities that tie her hands and make her unable to change the situation for the better. Modest and diffident girls are often chronic outsiders, because they find it difficult to uphold their rights and opinions.

Modern society is full of confident and impudent people who make weak personalities take a back seat all the time. As a result, these weak ladies narrow the circle of their contacts and prefer to communicate and keep contact with like-minded female friends who often turn into lovers.

Unfortunately, sometimes even good-breeding can play a low-down trick with girls and steal their confidence. Ladies who refuse to hang out with male friends are often doomed to loneliness and possible lesbianism.

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