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30 Things Guaranteed to Annoy Your Husband Don’t Miss #29

28. Scrolling through his texts and emails.

It’s not that he has something to hide, it’s that husbands take any auditing of their personal texts and emails as a violation of trust, proof that their spouse thinks they need checking up on. Nobody reads a spouse’s inbox because they’re looking for witty bon mots and evidence that they married a modern Oscar Wilde. No, they’re looking for dirt and everyone knows it. (Also, some of our text exchanges with our mothers can be downright embarrassing. The less you know, the better.)

29. Changing his ringtone to your kids’ favorite song.

Every guy has at least one least-loved ditty that his kids have played on a constant loop. The all-too-familiar melody is now enough to drive him to madness. Bonus points if he’s not entirely clear how to change the ringtone back!

30. Trying to “change” him.

Successfully changing a husband into the type of person you want him to be rather than accepting him as the flawed but lovable man you married has worked exactly 0 percent of the time. Trying it again and again is a recipe for annoyance.

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