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30 Things Guaranteed to Annoy Your Husband Don’t Miss #29

19. Making medium-sized decisions that affect him without getting his input.

Not to a ridiculous extent—you probably don’t want to sell a home or commit to moving to a new state without at least consulting your life partner—but sometimes it’s fun to do something consequential without first taking his temperature. Like, say, painting your bedroom an entirely new color. Or adopting a pet. Or donating that dusty DVD collection in the basement to Goodwill.

20. Not even pretending to care about the things he loves.

All of us—both husbands and wives—have our weird little obsessions. Most of the time, a kind spouse will smile and pretend to show even a modicum of interest. And sometimes, well, a spouse just can’t be bothered. Like when The Godfathertrilogy is playing on cable and he’s giddy with excitement, but you can barely manage a yawn. Or if his favorite sports team makes it to the championship and you won’t even look up from your phone. Husbands claim it doesn’t matter, but trust us, it gets under our skin.

21. Calling him “just to chat.”

If you’re calling your husband to ask where the extra coffee filters are, there’s a clear purpose for the call. He’ll appreciate this. But if you’re calling just to tell him about some hilarious podcast you just heard, you might be encroaching on his Me Time—which is something we could all use more of.

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22. Using his razor.

A husband can always tell when his spouse has been using his razor. Suddenly, the blade that once gilded so smoothly across his cheek feels like a garden rake. You won’t get away with it!

23. Never filling the car with gas (even when the low fuel warning light comes on).

It’s not that you don’t understand the importance of gasoline in making cars move, of course. You’re just more entertained by how your husband gets utterly baffled when you “forgot” to swing by the gas station yet again. We get it.

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