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30 Things Guaranteed to Annoy Your Husband Don’t Miss #29

12. Leaving your clothing everywhere.

Standing lamps, dining room chairs, living room couches—they can all be used for draping clothes. If the entire house becomes your closet, you’re driving your husband up the wall.

13. Talking to him in a baby voice.

A baby voice can be like nails on a chalkboard to many husbands. It’s especially irritating if he suspects that you’re trying to be flirtatious. Yes, he wants your amorous attention, but when your voice sounds like a creepy talking baby from Looney Tunes, there goes his desire for cuddling.

14. Sending him to the store with a list of impossible-to-find items.

The cookie always seems to crumble this way: When it’s his turn to go grocery shopping, it’s also time to stock up on the most infuriatingly hidden items in the store. In any supermarket, refried beans are never where they should be. (Why are they in the “Latin” section and not with the other beans?!)

15. Filling the bed with a mountain of pillows.

If husbands were in charge of bedroom décor, there would be only two pillows: one for each of you. But wives go a little overboard with the pillows, in every conceivable size and texture. There are decorative pillows and euro sham pillows and tiny throw pillows and pillows specifically designed for battling knee pain. Load up the bed with so many pillows that he’s not even sure where to begin making room for himself, and you’ll have succeeded in annoying him without saying a single word.

16. Conquering the closet.

If you really want to rankle his ire, take over every last inch of the shared closet like you’re Napoleon conquering Europe. Maybe be nice and give him a bottom drawer barely big enough to contain his socks. (Hey, if he wanted a place to hang his suits, he should have acted faster!) Oh, and remind him that there’s plenty of space in the garage.

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17. Dinging his toughness.

Never is a man more agitated than after learning he’s not nearly as tough as he thinks he is. But if you had just about enough of his whining over hangnails or pinched muscles, you could always fall back on the trump card: Remind him of the inconceivable pain involved in giving birth to a human being. No man can come back from that slap-down.

18. Blatantly lying about how close you are to being ready.

“Just a minute, I’m almost done!” Yeah, you already said that. Twice. And that was 10 minutes ago!  In five minutes flat, most husbands can go from being unwashed and still in their pajamas to being fully dressed and ready to face the world. So they’ll never fully understand if their spouse has a few extra steps. The only thing they know for sure is, it’s going to be at least another 10 minutes.

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