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30 Things Guaranteed to Annoy Your Husband Don’t Miss #29

4. Inviting the cat to sleep in bed.

Once a cat is welcome in the marital bed, that’s it. Game over. A husband now might as well be a guest in his own bedroom. A cat won’t sleep gingerly at the foot of the bed; oh no, it’s going to take over, and sprawl for as much available space as it can occupy. A husband co-sleeping with a cat is lucky to get a sliver of covers, and he’s definitely not getting to spoon his spouse any time in the foreseeable future.

5. Posting embarrassing photos of him on social media.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that, when it comes to posting photos on Facebook or Instagram, husbands aren’t the same as your kids. They’re going to get irked when they find out you’ve been sharing photos of them looking silly with hundreds of strangers.

And, sorry, but it won’t matter how often you tell him he looks adorable. That may work on a five-year-old, but your husband knows he’s just been turned into an easy punch line.

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6. Asking him, “You’re not wearing that, are you?”

Even if it’s an honest question, he’ll suspect that it’s really code for, “You look ridiculous.” A husband determined to make his own fashion choices still lacks confidence in his personal aesthetics. He knows that what he considers “formal” is likely vastly different than your definition.

7. Not being all that impressed with Field of Dreams.

If you can make it through that movie and not cry, you must be dead inside, as far as most husbands are concerned. Remember when Ray (Kevin Costner) meets the ghost of his dead dad and asks him, “Wanna have a catch?’’ And his dad says, “I’d like that?” Oh, it kills us every time. All you have to do to make your husband lose his marbles is shrug your shoulders at that scene and say, “Meh.”

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