21 Way To Make You Get Pregnant Faster Without Complications


  1. Men should avoid biking or cycling: An optimum temperature, which is one to two degrees lower than the average body temperature, should be maintained for the survival of the sperm in the testicles. So, men should avoid wearing tight underwear, placing laptops on the lap, cycling or biking. Maintaining the right temperature of testicles is vital for the production of healthy sperms.


  1. Avoid eating too many sweets: Excessive consumption of sugary stuff can lead to overproduction of adrenaline, which can hamper the production of progesterone hormone and reduce the chances of conception .


  1. Female orgasm: It plays a significant role in conception by creating a pathway for the sperm to reach the ovum through contractions. It also leads to the secretion of natural lubricants that contribute to the sperm motility.



  1. Avoid strenuous exercises: Moderate and regular work out helps a woman to stay healthy and increase the chances of conception. However, avoid stressing your body by indulging in excessive workouts as it can reduce fertility.


  1. Men should manage their weight: Obese or overweight men are likely to have a low sperm count. Being overweight can also cause hormonal changes that in turn reduce fertility . Thus, they should work on reducing the weight to increase the chances of conception.


If you have any infertility issue kindly feel free to leave comment so others can learn as well.





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