21 Way To Make You Get Pregnant Faster Without Complications


  1. Reduce stress: Stress can cause hormonal fluctuations that can affect fertility in both men and women . Meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga are some ways to reduce the stress levels.


  1. Consult a doctor regarding medicines: If you are taking medications for any underlying health issues, tell your doctor about your decision to start a family. Some medicinal drugs such as steroids, alpha blockers, antipsychotics, and NSAIDs can affect fertility


  1. Take prenatal vitamins: If you are planning for pregnancy, talk to your doctor and start taking prenatal vitamins. They can compensate for any nutrient deficiencies that could delay conception.


  1. Get enough sleep: A good night’s sleep is necessary for the body to maintain proper metabolism and hormone production. So, ensure that you sleep for seven to eight hours a day.


  1. Physical intimacy: During intercourse, avoid sex positions with the woman on top to prevent the leakage of the semen. Try something like the missionary position, with the man on top, to ensure that more fluid enters into your vagina and increases the chances of conception.



Remain in a horizontal position for some time at the end of the intercourse, so that the sperm gets enough time to travel through the vagina and into the ovum.

  1. Avoid lubricants: Using lubricants during sex can slow down the mobility of the sperm , restricting them from reaching the ovum. Also, vaginal sprays or tampons can dry out the vagina, thereby limiting the sperm flow.


  1. Cut down the caffeine intake: Excessive intake of caffeine can hamper fertility and prolong your conception. Excess caffeine also poses a high risk of miscarriage. So limit your intake of caffeine to 300mg per day during pregnancy.


  1. Acupuncture: Putting pressure on specific body points can alleviate stress and help in bringing back hormonal balance in the body. This further leads to the production of healthy ovum and sperms .


  1. Cut down on refined carbohydrates: It is better to avoid the intake of refined carbohydrates as they increase the glucose levels in the blood. This further causes ovulation problems.


  1. Stop contraceptive pills: You need to stop taking the contraceptive pills at least four to six months before you plan your pregnancy. The body needs some time to regain the normal hormonal balance after you stop using birth control pills.

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