13 Amazing Ways To Repair A Sexless Marriage

6. Don’t jump straight into se x

Foreplay warms the body up for se x, so skipping it can make penetration painful, especially for women. If that becomes a trend, a woman can get “anticipatory anxiety” over se x as she braces herself for pain, says Thomas. Plus, if either of you is feeling anxious—over se x or anything else—it’s hard to get in the mood.

Make sure you’re both in the right headspace before getting frisky, suggests Wyatt Fisher, PsyD, a marriage counselor in Colorado. “It can be helpful to relax with your partner together to unwind and slowly ease into your sexual encounter,” he says. He recommends taking a bath together or giving each other a massage.

8. Address any physical pain

If se x is painful, it’s natural to shy away from intimacy. Focusing on foreplay is a start, but try adding lubrication to reduce any friction too, says Thomas. A woman-on-top position can also help the partner in pain control the pace and adjust if there’s pain. “When there’s sexual pain, [women] only associate their vaginas with pain,”

she says, “so we teach them how to associate it with pleasure.” In that case, having some solo se x can help remind a female partner of the feel-good parts of love-making and reduce the anxiety of penetration. If the pain continues, set up an OB-GYN appointment to rule out any underlying medical problems.

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