13 Amazing Ways To Repair A Sexless Marriage

When you and your partner have been together for a while, it can be natural to have se x less often. But if your se x life has come to a standstill—and you’ve found yourself in a totally sexless marriage—it probably has more to do with the relationship than the se x itself.

According to
psychotherapist Joyce Marter an American counselor “Oftentimes, se x problems are the symptom, not the underlying issue,”

We shall be looking at 21 tips outside the bedroom to re-light that spark.

1 Be open about the topic

“A lot of times people don’t talk about [se x problems] because they’re afraid of hurting their partners,” says Marter. “Maybe they have feelings of shame or secrecy or inadequacy or general discomfort.”

Stifling your emotions down won’t solve any problems, so it’s important to be open with your partner. If you’ve been unsatisfied, there’s a good chance your spouse is too, so discussing what’s going on is the first step to finding a solution..

2. Schedule chat time outside your comfort zone

You might actually want to get out of the house when you sit down for a conversation about your se x life. “Oftentimes, when people stay in the house, they get into their routine and don’t do a good job of setting aside time to actually fix it,” says Lisa Thomas, licensed relationship and se x therapist.

Grab a coffee or a cocktail together instead, she suggests. Removing yourself from your normal space will help you stay focused on problem-solving instead of letting the topic drop when you jump up to do the dishes. Make sure to pick a place where you can blend in if you’re self-conscious about eavesdroppers.

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