10 Shocking Lies Every Man Tells His Wife

4. It Is Not Your Problem

For men, to bleed is worthy, to reject a Band-Aid, delightful. They like to keep their problems to themselves and mostly use a poker face to hide it. Most of the time, they tend to lie about their problems so as not to sound like a cry baby.

5. I Kept Calling You


If you two are planning something together, the plans will get messy sometimes. If your husband forgets to pick you up on time, “I called you” is the perfect lie to shift the blame on you. All men tend to think they’re the nicest.

6. If You Don’t Want To, I Won’t

That is exactly the moment when your hubby wants it desperately. However, he’d never force you. He will be ready even if you change your mind in the middle of the night. The love is the key that keeps him turned on every time for you.

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